PixelMags – full hand of publication channels

PixelMags – You create We deliver : their story has been a success with a bright focus so far.

Small Indie-publishers and large ones have the same problem: you can have a top class content, but you lack some delivery channels and/or it is a major headache to get your work published digitally on time ( and with reasonable costs) using your own resources. So without help, marketing and delivery of digital publications is just a costly hobby.

PixelMags have been on the right track (just timely before many others) and worked hard to get things function seamlessly. They have not forgot even advertisers, who can make the most publications live or die. So no wonder, they are now getting more and more worldwide customers who trust them.

Pixelmags Takes a Unique Approach to Digitizing Magazines | Entrepreneur.com

DIY Animation Platform PowToon Grabs $600K For Its Video Creation Software


PowToon, an animation platform that lets anyone build marketing videos on the fly, is announcing it has raised $600,000 in outside funding. The investment doesn’t come from traditional VC backing, but rather from Startup Minds, a newer L.A.-based accelerator with a non-traditional strategy where investments can range anywhere from $25,000 up to $600,000. The accelerator also doesn’t have time limits, and the amount of outside involvement is up to the company funded.

Startup Minds was founded earlier in 2012 by Dr. David Gonen (co-founder at Ringadoc and Curious Minds incubator) and his family. Dr. Gonen says he happened across PowToon on his own, while hunting for an affordable way to create presentations for his portfolio companies. “The limited options for creating affordable and nontraditional marketing collateral is mind-blowing,” Gonen says of the current landscape.

For those unfamiliar with the product, PowToon offers a DIY solution for making those nearly ubiquitous marketing videos…

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Peecho, online cloud-printing

Digital publishers, museums, photographers etc. need sometimes service to get their work published on paper - Peecho has for that a simple solution. You can set up a button on your web-site (just add one line of code to your website, the print button will appear and you can start selling prints). Peecho will take care of the rest, including the checkout, payment, on demand production and delivery. Many kinds of products can be set for print production.

A very interesting application is Rijksstudio (to explore all functions, you must make an account “Start your own Rijksstudio”…but take time and relax, it is fun), kind of an own art  studio based on masterpieces of Rijksmuseum (Netherland). All the paintings and art are high resolution and printing is powered with Peecho. Replicas of the original artwork can also be ordered. If you just want to explore master artists, the collection is a right place to start high quality and high resolution expedition (you can also download masterpieces).

Issuu is also relying Peecho for printing, and then there are some indie-publishers using service. Also KB (Koninklijke Bibliotheek) is offering printed art via Peecho