PRSS, tablet publishing platform

Talking New Media: PRSS platform by TRVLTeam. iPad magazine TRVL gets its own tablet publishing platform. Photo-centric weekly travel magazine TRVL made their own way and started to use homemade platform for publishing. Now they are developing it also for other users under the name PRSS. An interesting approach (and surely not so easy) to become a publisher – and now a software developer.

Storytelling will be back – and formal simplicity

There will surely be many other new ways to publish than shiny iPad publications, with all the bells and whistles – and content will be the king again.

The Magazine is one example of the powerful storytelling served in a new kind of package. More insight by Craig Mod, Subcompact Publishing.
Another sign of this kind of “slow journalism” is Longplay, Finnish newcomer. More about this in blog by Antti Vilpponen.

Pixel Mags and Readr – “Spotify” for magazines?

New concept for magazine delivery gives you 20 minutes a month magazine browsing time for free. Paying $9.99 per month, and you can read hundreds of popular magazines – unlimited time.

Readr AnyTime Plan by makeuseof.