iPad Design Lab – design and storytelling in harmony with the gadget

Must read iPad Design Lab (original post SPD.ORG). New iBook about storytelling and design for iPad written by Mario Garcia (iTunes). And do not miss the Mario Blog, also a good source of information in publishing.

Prime time for ePub3?

TOC for Publishing (O´Reilly Media) has found out, that the publication tools and apps/browsers are now good enough for publishing in ePub3 format – prime time after a year long journey to ePub3.


If paper books are going to survive anywhere for the next few years, it’s in our schools and on our kids’ bookshelves. However a company called Storybird has built a platform for kids and adults to build and share picture books in a few minutes. The books use pre-rendered artwork and allow authors to drag and drop pictures and text right into their work. Think of it as fanfic for the Poky Little Puppy set.

As evidenced by my own excellent creation, the quality of the work is mixed at best. However, the artwork available is whimsical and fun and, with enough diligence, you can probably create a fairly readable picture book.

“The idea for Storybird came a few years ago when my son and I created a book for my wife. I wrote, he illustrated—and the final product had me thinking about visual stories and the cloud,” said…

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High-quality PDF2EPUB conversion

With Silk Evolve you can get PDF to ePub(3) with a streamlined way, more info in the blog. Quality of the conversion is also good, accordind to Tools of Change for Publishing  and their blog. Anyway an interesting concept to take a closer look.