Next Issue and Marvel Comics launching new models for subscription

New business models for subscribing magazines becoming more and more common, reported at Good E-Reader blog. With Next Issue  you pay a monthly fee (now also for Win 8) and can download the magazines you like that time, not subscribing same magazines all the time. Another new kind of model is developed by Pixel Mags.

Wanting get unlimited access for Marvel comics? Some more news about Digital Comics at Good E-Reader.

Micropublishing getting more popular – and heating up

TypeEngine has stirred a little bit the new micropublishing genre, but eager to see TypeEngine working. App-platform is naturally very important for this kind of publishing, but without a great story there will be no audience…

Reinventing Comics (in digital age)

Digital Comics are not –  or should not be – just cheap animations, they live on their own without any outside impact on your minds. So for a stylish digital story you only need a good story, good pictures and a fluent storyboard to keep excitement. Main thing is to control the whole thing yourself – so you get the moving parts to move by flipping page or by making things happen after your decision, no sounds, animations, videos or flashes to take over the story.

A comic book artist can explain this much better than I, so take a look at this excellent video of Mark Waid at TOC – it surely is worth to see. If you want to take some lessons about digital comics (to create your own ones) , here is your chance to take an experimental course GenderThrough Comic Books at Canvas Network.

Homepage of Mark Waid and home page of comic books company Thrillbent give a view of his work (there is also some free stuff to download).

Creating Sad Comics by Komarov is a site about creating process of a comics book. Roman Muradov – the author of Sad Comics – showing portfolio. Do not know, if the company is still alive, you can find Sad Comics anyway at Apple Store.

Using Keynotopia templates (for Keynote) to demo your ideas and for storyboarding e.g. Comics Books, can speed up your planning process. You can even make the final comic with Keynote.