Agawi – A Playable Mobile Ad Unit


Pretty much everyone agrees that mobile advertising isn’t very good (or outright sucks). Here’s an interesting solution from Agawi — an ad unit for mobile games called AppGlimpse, which functions as a playable demo for the game.

The startup, formerly known as iSwifter, has developed technology for virtualizing games and eventually other apps so that they can run on any platform. In this case, Agawi says that it can create a cloud version of any Android game that will run as an ad on both iOS and Android.

Currently, mobile ads for games are limited to banners or, at best, videos. Co-founder Rohan Relan said that doesn’t really convey the experience of playing the game: “It’s like a movie trailer that’s just static pictures and words.”

Advertisers just upload their games to the AppGlimpse dashboard, then they can run ads that access a virtualized version of the game running…

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The page is dead – long live the “digital chunk”

Page describes and defines publishing on paper – digital content must live in a dynamic container to be able to adapt existing and new channels.

Publishing tools must also evolve to help people manage and understand new landscape.

Don’t Let Paper Paradigms Drive Your Digital Strategy – Karen McGrane – Harvard Business Review.

Contently – The Storytelling Platform

Kuvankaappaus 2013-9-24 kello 21.33.15A mixed bag of storytelling, journalism, content marketing and branding…Contently, The Storytelling Platform. And then there is also Strategist, the print issue.

They may be trendsetters, doing this with style and passion – and besides they are having a story.