App Studio – New Version

Quark has made a new version of their digital publishing xtension/plug-in App Studio. It is working with Quark and also with InDesign, so you can keep working on software you already have (the learning curve and costs will be not so deep).

The output options sound also promising – HTML5 and web-apps among others. Input can be XML, PDF, ID, HTML5, Quark…

Quark will also release new version 10 of Xpress – flagship of the company (including App Studio). You can read more of it here at IDGConnect.

Prss is trying to design the iPad publishing app that Apple never built

Prss is an interesting alternative creating magazines for iPad. Just look at their TRVL magazine at Apple Newsstand, and you get the idea what can be done with it. Still beta, more information about PRSS can be found in the earlier post.


[technology][/technology]A Netherlands-based company wants to revolutionize iPad (s AAPL) publishing. In much the same way that Quark enabled desktop publishing in the eighties and platforms like WordPress and Tumblr allowed anyone to cheaply and easily set up their own blog in the aughts, Prss wants to put iPad publishing in the hands of people who lack programming skills.

The app is the latest in a series of tools that democratize publications, giving high-level capabilities to those who want to distribute their message but don’t necessarily have the technical skills.

The idea for Prss came after entrepreneur Michel Elings and longtime travel writer and photographer Jochem Wijnands constructed their own iPad publication called TRVL. They had been using an iPad conversion platform WoodWing but became fed up with what they saw as its limitations. The platform is based off InDesign, which they felt made it inherantly print-centric.

“In the two-and-a-half years that we publsihed…

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The real villain in the ebooks case isn’t Apple or Amazon — it’s publishers’ addiction to DRM


After much back-and-forth, a verdict came down on Wednesday in the Apple (s aapl) ebooks case: a judge found the company guilty colluding with five of the big six major book publishers in a scheme designed to inflate prices. The publishers (all of whom settled with the government before the trial) have tried to argue in the past that they were forced to cut a deal with Apple because of Amazon’s (s amzn) monopoly — but when it gets right down to it, the real culprit is the DRM lock-in that the publishers themselves pushed for. In effect, they forged the chains that bound them to Amazon in the first place.

My GigaOM and paidContent colleagues Jeff Roberts and Laura Owen have written about the details of the judgement itself, and also about the potential impact on Apple and the ebook business as a whole, but what really interests…

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‘New York Times’ – Creating Digital Longform Magazine

Slow journalism and longform magazines (followed by rise of storytelling in publishing) have been a playground mainly for indies and self-publishers.

Now it seems that also commercial publishers find this niche to be worth to explore. So today it was announced (according Mashable), that New York Times is Creating Digital Longform Magazine. If it can survive, one can predict  it not being the only one on the market.

You can find some earlier posts in this blog to touch the same subject.