Digital at Glasgow 2014

Games becoming more and more a multichannel experience – Digital at Glasgow 2014: Let the Games Begin (again) Synergy Sponsorship: leading sponsorship agency since 1984.


Blogging Platforms – Part 2

A different kind of approach and menu of new kinds of blogging platforms – at Blogging | Web.AppStorm.

They don`t nesessarily have all the bells and whistles of the giants (WordPress, Tumblr etc.), but if your intention is just publish your thoughts with style, you can get on with minimal hassle.

The 15 best blogging and publishing platforms – The Next Web

Review of the 15 most interesting blogging platforms according The Next Web.

You can find different kind of alternatives to WordPress (platform for about 19 percent of the Web pages) and Tumblr (connecting blogging and social media) – pros and cons discovered.