Cloudup Joins the Automattic Family

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Uploading media and sharing content are at the core of the WordPress publishing experience, and that experience is something we obsess about.

Today we’re delighted to announce we’re acquiring Cloudup, a company that’s as fanatical about these core experiences as we are. Cloudup‘s built some fantastic technology that we can’t wait for you to try out.

What is Cloudup?

At the heart of Cloudup is a ridiculously fast sharing platform that allows you to drag and drop images easily, share to social media, auto-upload screenshots, and instantly share videos with friends before the video is even fully uploaded — syncing effortlessly all the while and working perfectly across desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.

Cloudup’s core services capture many things we’ve long wanted to do around improving the WordPress Media Library and we’re super excited to make these improvements a reality.

Collaborative editing

Another exciting feature our new friends…

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Automattic Acquires File-Sharing Service Cloudup To Build A Faster Media Library And Enable Co-Editing


Automattic, the parent company of, has acquired file-sharing service Cloudup, which launched in beta in June. The acquisition will help Automattic improve two features of in particular: the media library used for uploading visual content and post editing to give multiple users the ability to edit at one time.

Cloudup is an offshoot of ed-tech company LearnBoost, which was founded in 2010, meaning it includes the same team and existing investors. LearnBoost co-founder and CTO Guillermo Rauch said the classroom management service will continue to operate under Automattic, as well.

Out of the gate, the Cloudup team will focus on revamping the post editor and replacing’s media library with Cloudup. Automattic founder Matt Mullenweg said that the service is much more advanced, elegant, and intuitive than’s current media uploader. “Not many people say their favorite [] feature is the media library,” he noted.

It was…

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BitWall Allows Publishers To Make Money Through Bitcoin Micropayments


Here’s another way that digital currency Bitcoin could have a big impact, according to startup BitWall: it could give online publishers a real alternative to putting up paywalls or relying solely on ads for revenue.

The argument for micropayments is probably familiar to most of you: You may not want to pay a big subscription fee but might be willing to shell out a little bit of money to read an article that interests you. Yet the idea has never really taken off with online publishers.

How is Bitcoin supposed to change that? BitWall argues that with traditional payment systems, there’s a significant transaction fee, so small payments don’t make sense. With Bitcoin, where the fees are lower, the startup says publishers “can finally unlock the untapped world of micropayments.”

At the same time, co-founder and CEO Nic Meliones said the team is open to adding other payment options…

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