Philips unveils sensor-ready system for connected office lighting


We’ve already seen Philips(s phg)’s clever indoor lighting platform that acts as a fine-grained indoor location-tracking system for shops, but now the Dutch conglomerate is preparing to unveil something for the office.

Next week at the Light + Building show in Frankfurt, Germany, Philips will take the wraps off its connected office lighting system. The LED light fixtures are all hooked up to the building’s IT network through their wiring – it’s Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), which provides just enough juice for low-power LEDs – and can also include sensors for monitoring humidity and temperature, as well as for judging when a room is occupied or not.

As with the in-store system, the lights can also act as a positioning grid to help people navigate the office layout. By communicating with a smartphone app using light, the fixtures could tell where the user is and help recommend the nearest vacant meeting room…

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Designer Craig Mod launches Hi, an experiment in iterative writing and networked journalism


The internet and the social web have transformed almost every pursuit that humans can engage in, and writing is clearly high on that list. But despite all of the advancements in distribution and publishing we’ve seen over the years, from blogging to Twitter and Tumblr, some believe that there is still a need for truly networked storytelling or interactive, “iterative” writing. Former Flipboard designer Craig Mod is one of those people, and that’s why he started Hi, a new writing platform/community that just opened to the public this week.

In a post about the thinking behind the site, Mod — who spent a year at Flipboard designing the company’s iOS app, and is also an author and publisher of physical books — says that it is intended to be a “community of writers, journalists, journalers, illustrators, photographers, travelers, poets, and musicians exploring the world, and sharing those explorations through…

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