Deloitte pledges 4,500 jobs as it opens digital agency | The Drum

Deloitte pledges 4,500 jobs as it opens digital agency | The Drum.


Medium adds tech heavyweight Steven Levy as it builds its digital magazine/platform


While media observers worry about whether Medium is more of a platform or a publisher, the site itself — however you define it — continues to grow: it announced recently that it is expanding Matter, the digital magazine it acquired last year, and now veteran technology writer Steven Levy has said he is leavingWired magazine to join Medium. In a post on the site, Levy said he will be launching a tech vertical that will include his own long-form journalism as well as pieces that he will be commissioning from outside writers.

In a sense, what Levy describes — although it may not be clear enough for some — seems to be one of the clearest examples yet of founder Evan Williams’ vision of a combination digital magazine and open-publishing platform. While the tech hub (which has yet to be named) will mostly feature the former Wired and Newsweek

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