Check out this drone video of a frozen Niagara Falls


How cold is it? So cold that most of Niagara Falls has frozen over – and NBC News has the footage to prove it, thanks to a drone flight from the Canadian side of the border.

As the network explains, temperatures stayed below freezing for all of February, and now the three waterfalls that make up the landmark site are frozen almost entirely:

Frozen Niagara Falls

According to a Snopes account of “frozen Niagara Falls” stories, the only time the falls have frozen entirely was in 1848 where an upstream ice blockage caused the flow of water to slow to a trickle.

Here’s another shot, which shows how drones, which some are maligning as a menace, also have the to offer unprecedented forms of photography:

Niagara Fall frozen

Other recent examples of the news gathering power of drones took place during an explosion over Harlem last year, and after the Napa Valley earthquake. In both those cases…

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