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This FBI dog hair scandal should make us question our faith in scientific evidence

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In 1978, Santae Tribble, then 17, was convicted of a murder in D.C. based on the testimony of two FBI forensics experts. They asserted that a single hair strand found at the crime scene matched Tribble’s DNA. He served 28 years in prison before an independent analysis found that the hair was no match—it was a dog’s hair.

Tribble was exonerated, but his case is one among potential thousands of individuals convicted on the highly questionable FBI hair forensics practices. As Fusion’s Daniel Rivero reported this week, “over 95 percent of the cases involving hair evidence that the FBI has reviewed so far contained flawed testimony—257 out of 268 cases.”

Consistently racist and ubiquitously prosecution and conviction driven, investigators wield the power society accords them as experts, often with scant regard for consequences of their “facts” for the condemned. But there’s more than pernicious police work at play here. There’s…

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