How much land is needed to power the U.S. with solar? Not that much

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Last night, Tesla announced it had created one of the world’s cheapest home batteries, the the Powerwall, to be paired with a home’s solar panel generators.

But before anything else, CEO Elon Musk talked about the main reason for creating his product: addressing climate change.

He called out people’s skepticism that the U.S. will never be able to achieve the levels of solar power necessary to bend the Keeling curve, which shows CO2 concentration levels in the atmosphere.

“A lot of people aren’t clear on how much surface area is needed to generate enough power to completely get the United States off fossil fuels,” he said. “Most people have no idea. They think it must be some huge amount of area, or maybe some space solar panels…But this is completely unnecessary. Actually very little land is needed to get rid of all fossil fuel electricity generation in…

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