Akon’s solar energy initiative is his latest effort to empower Africa

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Akon is making headlines with his latest effort to provide solar-powered electricity for 600 million Africans, but though the Senegalese-American chart-topper has a history of passion for impacting the community. His past projects have underscored a common trend of not helping, but empowering.

Akon has engaged in numerous innovative endeavors that have spanned many corners of Africa. But he is tired of people associating Africa with a “charity case.” In an article in the National Journal, Akon boasts his home continent is “open for business.”

[fusion-pullquote]“I can be an artist … and make money. But I’m in a place where I’m gifted … and offered opportunities where I can make a difference and change lives.”[/fusion-pullquote]

“I’m a businessman first, then musician,” he told Al Jazeera in a separate interview. So why not make money and change lives at the same time, he asks.

Konfidence Foundation

In 2007, the Konvict went on a mission to…

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