California now has more Latinos than whites for the first time since it was part of Mexico

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The number of Latinos living in California has officially overtaken the number of white people in the state for the first time since the state was part of Mexico. The latest figures released by the Census Bureau show that there are around 70,000 more Latinos than whites in California, with 14.92 million whites and 14.99 million Latinos in total.

This graphic from the Los Angeles Times breaks down the parts of California with the highest concentrations of Latinos:

[img attachment=”163281″ align=”alignnone” size=”full” alt=”L.A. Times graphic” credit=”Los Angeles Times/” /]

The shift actually comes a little later than predicted. In 2013, demographers at the state’s Department of Finance expected the Latino population to become the largest in California by March 2014. Before that, they had predicted that the number of Latinos would be on par with the number of whites by mid-2013, the Los Angeles Daily News reported.

Those predictions were not quite on the…

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