Young Greek voters facing a bleak future were largely behind the ‘no’ vote on Sunday. Will their vote pay off?

Hope (and disruption of economy/power) for young – future belongs to them…


Greeks resoundingly voted “no” in their referendum on Sunday, a result driven largely by young people facing poor prospects and growing tired of living with austerity.

The current unemployment rate for Greeks under 25 is close to 50 percent, compared to around 20 percent for the European Union on average.

“Believing that I will find a job is like believing in a miracle. Most of people around my age are jobless,” said Stavros Dimou, who is now 28, and hasn’t had a job since he finished high school. He voted “no” to new austerity measures on Sunday.

The vote was split along generational lines, the Guardian reported, with 67 percent of 18-24 year olds voting “no,” compared to just 37 percent of older voters. Overall, 61 percent of voters rejected a new austerity plan in exchange for bailout…

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