Pope Francis: environmentalist, revolutionary

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Anyone who woke from a 50-year coma on Thursday and immediately turned on Bolivian state TV to find out what’s going on in the world would have been shocked to learn two things: we haven’t invented flying cars yet, and the Reds must have won the Cold War because there’s a commie in the Vatican.

They’d be forgiven for thinking so. Pope Francis’ speech in Santa Cruz, Bolivia yesterday sounded like a mashup of Liberation Theology and old fashioned, lectern-thumping Latin American populism. The pope championed the “sacred rights of labor” and railed against excesses of “neo-colonialism” and the “intolerable” conditions of a capitalist system that serves the interest of large corporations, international financial institutions, and free-trade agreements.

The pope ended his speech with a call for “land, roof and work” for all. Oh yeah, and he had a “communist crucifix” of Jesus nailed to hammer and sickle — an unwelcome…

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