British teens may be able to delete embarrassing social media posts when they turn 18

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We’ve all made a few questionable choices as teenagers. Maybe it was that unfortunate body art or the embarrassingly angsty poetry that once would have remained safely in a notebook under a mattress. Or a photo of a sneaky underage drink that’s online for the world to see thanks to that Instagram-trigger-happy friend.

The British government is considering laws that would give teenagers the option to delete or edit their online activity on any platform when they turn 18, the age they stop being a minor. The campaign is being driven by a group called iRights, headed up by filmmaker Beeban Kidran.

In a report released today, the group argues that kids need more control over their online legacy because they don’t always see the potential consequences of documenting their lives on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The campaign “seeks to make the digital world a more transparent and empowering place for children and young people (under…

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