Unarmed black teen Christian Taylor killed by white police trainee


Just days before the anniversary of Michael Brown’s death, 19-year-old Christian Taylor became the 696th person and the 179th black man to be killed by a police officer in 2015.

Two police officers encountered Taylor at an Arlington Buick GMC dealership sometime after 1 a.m. local time Friday morning, the Associated Press reports.

Arlington police spokesperson Sgt. Paul Rodriguez said that they were responding to a burglary call and alleged that Taylor had driven an SUV through the window of the dealership showroom.

According to a police statement obtained by the AP, an unspecified “altercation” took place. That is when officer-in-training Brad Miller, who is white, shot Taylor.

Taylor was a Division II college football player at Angelo State University in San Angelo, Texas. He died at the scene of the crime.

Taylor’s family and friends have expressed disbelief at this story.

“They say he’s burglarizing the place by…

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