The Uber of Russia is crushing the American version

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Since 2011, Russia’s main search engine company, Yandex, has been running an taxi-app that most now simply know as Russia’s Uber.

And new numbers show that while the actual, American Uber continues to have its way in many markets, it may have finally met its match on the Volga.

Bloomberg’s Ilya Khrennikov writes there are now more than 15,000 taxis signed up for the platform, and in Yandex’s case, they are actual taxis, instead of random drivers with smart phones. That compares with just 3,000 Russian Uber drivers; the company entered Russia in late 2013.

Yandex’s taxi head told Khrennikov the company plans to expand to 25 Russian cities by the end of the year, and ZAO Raiffeisenbank, a Russian financial group, estimates the service could bring in 10 billion rubles (more than $154 million) in sales this year, Khrenniov says. No one is still quite sure how much revenue Uber brings in…

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