No one ever said white lives don’t matter

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White Americans are also killed by the police.

Last week the Department of Justice announced it would begin an investigation into the shooting death of South Carolina teen Zachary Hammond. Police claim Hammond used his vehicle as a weapon to flee the scene of an attempted drug bust. But according to the Post and Courier, Hammond was on a date eating ice cream when Lt. Mark Tiller allegedly shot him twice through the open driver’s side window.

There are others. In January, 34-year-old Autumn Steele was shot and killed in Iowa by a police officer who said he was aiming for her German Shepherd. The officer was cleared of criminal charges in the incident, which was captured by the officer’s body camera. In July, 23-year-old Allan White was tased and then shot dead in Tennessee after allegedly attacking an officer. White was unarmed and his mother claimed…

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