A look at the weird, fascinating, and depressing reasons people say they’d vote for Donald Trump


Last week, 30,000 people gathered in Mobile, Ala. to hear Donald Trump share his views on immigration (“We’re the only place just about that’s stupid enough to do birthright citizenship”); women’s rights (“I will protect women; it’s so important to me”); his competition in the GOP primary (“Jeb Bush, ugh”); and bicycles (“I swear to you I will never ever ride a bicycle”).

Despite having no experience in politics, running on a set of policy proposals that are not based in reality, and making a regular habit of saying dehumanizing things about immigrants and women, Trump has maintained a considerable lead in the polls. Recent numbers from Reuters showing that, with 32 percent of Republicans surveyed backing him, his closest competition—Jeb Bush—is still nearly 16 points behind.

After a few weeks of reading dispatches from Trump’s rallies, and having daily conversations with friends and acquaintances about the mesmerizing horror show…

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