WoodWing redefines multi-channel publishing with release 9 of Enterprise | WoodWing.com

WoodWing redefines multi-channel publishing with release 9 of Enterprise | WoodWing.com.

PixelMags – full hand of publication channels

PixelMags – You create We deliver : their story has been a success with a bright focus so far.

Small Indie-publishers and large ones have the same problem: you can have a top class content, but you lack some delivery channels and/or it is a major headache to get your work published digitally on time ( and with reasonable costs) using your own resources. So without help, marketing and delivery of digital publications is just a costly hobby.

PixelMags have been on the right track (just timely before many others) and worked hard to get things function seamlessly. They have not forgot even advertisers, who can make the most publications live or die. So no wonder, they are now getting more and more worldwide customers who trust them.

Pixelmags Takes a Unique Approach to Digitizing Magazines | Entrepreneur.com

WoodWing at YouTube

Here are some videos explaining new features in the WoodWing publishing platform, e.g. integration with Adobe DPS tools. You can find some more information about using DPS tools and WoodWing integration with Adobe in earlier posts (DPS and integration).

Videos  found behind this link are composed by Woodwing – so a little bit biased, but give a brief overview (WoodWing at YouTube).

Time inc. powered all titles as mobile versions with Woodwing

Subscribers of  Time inc. titles get digital publications with no cost. Digital versions (as also paper mags) are produced with Woodwing system.

Finnish summary:
Time Inc. on alkanut julkaista kaikki (21) lehtinimikkeensä myös iPadille ja muille mobiililaitteille, ja toteuttanut kesällä julkaistun suunnitelmansa. Printtilehtien taitto tehdään myös Woodwingin järjestelmällä, printtilehtien tilaajat saavat digilehden maksutta.

Digital Publishing | WoodWing.com
Time Inc – Our Content – Time Warner

Woodwing integrates Adobe DPS tools – Adobe bought Phonegap and Typekit

Adobe becomes more dominent on digital publishing market, acquiring Phonegap (promising startup) and Typekit (webfonts). Additionally they team with WoodWing,  making Adobe DPS -tools part of WoodWing publishing platform (smaller publishers get DPS-tools as a part of InDesign). Adobe  liked also to have some part of distribution and hosting that Apple dominates.

Finnish summary:
Aiemmin syksyllä julkaistut Adoben liittoutumat ja ostokset vahvistavat Adoben asemaa digijulkaisujen tuotannossa, toki se haluaa myös isomman siivun Applen hallitsemasta jakelusta.

Woodwingin ja Adoben allianssi tuo Adoben työkalut, jakelutien ja asiakastiedon keräyksen Woodwingille. Adobe saa kumppanuudella vakaan julkaisualustan (isot kustantajat ja palveluntarjoajat) ja integroidun työnkulun sekä oman standardin digijulkaisuun CS-tuotteilla, pienemmille toimijoille tarjotaan DPS -vaihtoehtoa.

WoodWing and Adobe DPS Integration – The Next Wave in Digital Publishing – YouTube
WoodWing + Adobe: What It Means for You – Grids – SPD.ORG – Grids
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Digital publishing software | Adobe Digital Publishing Suite family

Adobe osti myös kovassa nousussa olleen mobiilijulkaisualustan ja fonttitalon.

Adobe buys PhoneGap, TypeKit for better Web tools | Deep Tech – CNET News
Andre’s Blog » Blog Archive » Nitobi and PhoneGap’s new home at Adobe
Adobe PhoneGap named 2012 Technology of the Year by InfoWorld Test Center « PhoneGap

The Saints – converting publications for mobile

PDF2tablet service and more: Kiosk app, smartphone newsreader etc.
Partnership with Woodwing

The Saints (Woodwingin partneri) tarjoaa Hollannissa palveluna iPad-appsia suoraan PDFstä. Tarjolla on myös lehtikioski paikallisille kustantajille.

The Saints | Archive | CasesThe Saints |  Services

The Saints | Creating Mobile Relevance since 2005
The Saints | Archive | Cases